John J Stetzler Upholstering & Refinshing Inc.

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Custom Boat Covers

Our Custom boat covers are made to last with Top Gun and best thread on the market Gore Tenara Sewing Thread that has a lifetime warranty on the thread. So protect your investment and give us a call today. There are 21 Different Top Gun Colors that you can choose from. We always have Charcoal in stock but the other colors we have to order. We also do Custom Motor Covers. 

Below is the Top Gun Card with all the colors and also how the material compares to other materials.

New Top Gun Color CAMO is in and ready to make covers with.

Commercial Jobs

Air Socks 

Restaurant Seats

Hotel Cushions

Recover Car & Truck Seats

Car & Truck Seats

This picture shows the 2" pleats that we sew in the covers.

Reupholster Boat Seats and Boat Seat Covers

Boat Seats Covers

Boat Seats

Reupholster Furniture 

Chairs, Sofas, Love Seats, Motor Home Furniture, and Ottomans

Dining Room Chairs

Other Services Provided

Replace Foam in Cushions

Re-string Day & Night Shades

Misc. Items